Believe it or not we are one month from the official start to spring and now is the time to get moving! As we transition seasons, please find below eight helpful hints to “spring into wellness”

  1. Wake early to exercise – The mornings are warming up and spring means the sun rises earlier each day. Take advantage of this. Get out and exercise before starting your day. Whether it’s going for a run or walking the dog. Exercising before work will begin your day on a high note.
  2. Say YES to a healthy breakfast – Partner your morning exercise routine with a healthy breakfast. What a great start to the day! Instead of a coffee and breakfast sandwich how about a smoothie or a quinoa bowl with fresh fruit?  
  3. Revive your choice of fresh herbs and veggies – Spring is a great season to add new fruits and vegetables to your routine.  If you live in Connecticut in the month of March begin look for chives, mint, mushrooms and sprouts.  These are “in season” and will add some inspiration to your cooking.  
  4. Prep your meals – You have heard me say it a million times.  And you know it’s true.  If you fail to plan, you are planning to binge, order unhealthy take out or eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner.  Don’t do it.  Spend the time on the weekends or whenever you can squeeze it in for planning.  Cook once – eat 3-4 times.
  5. Water with a squirt of lemon – How often do you drink 64 ounces of water each day? Try a squirt of lemon to your water to add a bit of zest. For your body to perform at a high level, it’s essential to stay hydrated. A glass of water can be a great appetite suppressant and can help maintain a healthy weight.
  6. Make sure to get enough ZZZZZZ – Strive to sleep 6-8 hrs each night. Staying up late has specifically been shown to increase the likelihood of overeating. Achieving proper rest will help reduce the opportunity to make bad diet decisions.
  7. Update your workout attire – Proper foot wear can help support an active lifestyle. New lightweight clothing can help you feel comfortable when exercising outside. Be sure you are properly equipped before starting a new workout routine.
  8. Live in Gratitude – Studies show that those who are grateful and spend time thinking about their blessings are generally happier people than those who don’t.  Try starting your morning with 5 minutes of deep breathing and thinking about all you have in life to give gratitude to.  Like energy attracts like energy.  If you focus on all that is going bad 100% of the time, perhaps you may attract more of that situation that you are devoting your thoughts to.  Stay positive and attract positive.  

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