It was an experience I had with my daughter that led me to become a health coach.  She was less than 1 year old and developed an issue with chronic constipation.  Our pediatrician – who I love and trust, advised me to place her on the laxative Miralax.  I felt reluctant to do so being that she was so little, but everything else I tried didn’t work and I felt desperate to take her out of this pain, so I did.  Each time I tried to take her off Miralax, we were faced with the same issue.  My doctor assured me it was okay to keep her on Miralax indefinitely.  It simply wasn’t his role to pick apart her diet and talk to me about food ingredients and new recipes…


But each time I gave her Miralax I cried.  I knew in my gut that there was a better way.  I decided to work with a HEALTH COACH – one of the best decisions I ever made.  Our health coach helped us see that we needed to add more WHOLE FOODS into our diet.  She gave me recipes of simple dishes to make that were tasty, that my whole family would enjoy.  My daughter was fussy, it didn’t happen overnight but within a few months I was able to wean her off of the laxatives that she was dependent upon for 1 full year.


I became fascinated with the correlation between diet and health.  I was the only one in my circle making GREEN SMOOTHIES – everyone thought I flipped my lid, but decided to go back to school and become a health coach myself.  I wanted to help others the way I was helped.  I am proud and humbled by the work I have done over the last 10 years.  Proud of the hours of studying, planning and marketing myself to those who could benefit from working with me.  I am humbled by my clients efforts and achievements.  I have been able to touch hundreds of lives across the country and support people to eat better and feed their families better, to lose weight without dieting or depriving themselves.


I have great appreciation and respect for modern medicine.  I do feel however, that in many cases, drugs are misused and over used.  If doctors today had the time and know how to support people with their diet and lifestyle, I believe we would live in a much healthier world.  This is why there are HEALTH COACHES.  We are changing lives every single day.  We are creating a ripple effect that will eventually change the world.


This week is National Health Coach Week.  Health Coach Week is an international campaign to place Health Coaches at the forefront of a real global wellness revolution. It’s all about fulfilling the dream of bringing health coaching to everyone.  I would like to thank each of you for helping me to support this mission.  I love you all. XO

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