“I have been challenged with weight for most of my life.  Andrea has been an answer to my prayers.  I’ve lost 24 pounds and have learned a great deal about myself that I wouldn’t have known without her guidance.”

Judith O’Connor

“Doing Andrea’s cleanse has helped me focus on my health again! I lost weight, feel better and move more easily. Andrea also helped me figure out how to eat healthier while traveling and eating out, which was a huge struggle as my work travel increased this past year. Working with Andrea is a pleasure and a breeze. I’m locate in a different state and participating in this cleanse remotely went very smoothly; Andrea was always very responsive when I had questions or needed help. I’m really looking forward to the next cleanse!”

Rhonda B.
Business Entrepreneur

I was feeling so blah and out of control with my food. The 11 day cleanse was just the program I needed to gain control and focus. I learned so much about the really healthy foods and was able to change some nasty habits I developed over time. The recipes were wonderful, the tips, the support and acknowledgement helped me. I really feel the joy in cooking and I love the tasty clean eating. And on this journey I lost a few unwanted pounds effortlessly. Many thanks!

Andrea K.
Coordinator for Youth & Family Services

“I first became aware of the benefits of having Andrea as a health coach while participating in her 3-days whole foods cleanse. She prepared up to six small meals which helped control my blood sugar throughout the day and taught me that I can have large servings of healthy, delicious vegetables and dips, soups, and generous desserts without the guilt. I ended up losing 3 pounds during those three days. I was shocked to have lost weight, because the food was so abundant in comparison to the juice cleanses I did in the past leaving me starved and gaining weight back in the following weeks. After the cleanse, I attended several sessions with Andrea to discuss my past and current struggles in many personal areas. She is kind, patient, and nurturing during the meetings. She listened carefully and was sure to incorporate thoughtful gestures in the following meetings which helped me understand her passion to help. I encourage you and your family to look into the many ways Andrea can assist your family to better health and happiness. She is a true treasure to know and to lead those who allow themselves to be nurtured mind, body and spirit.”

Mary H.
Stay at home MOM

“I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your recent 3 day cleanse and all of your Mother’s Lunch Box preparations. The food you make is so delicious and it feels so good knowing it is all so healthy. Your passion for healthy living and eating is evident in the food you create and the service you provide. I felt so pampered for the 3 days of the cleanse, starting with the hand delivery, enjoying that delicious food and having you as my coach along the way. I only wish we could do it every day! And my 14 month old loves your food too. It is hard to share with him! I am so happy you are in my life! I feel so lucky to have you as a resource for healthful living and eating. Thank you for everything you do!”

Jill B.

“I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy Andrea’s holistic cooking classes. I’m not known for my talent in the kitchen, but Andrea always demonstrates recipes that are as easy to make as they are delicious! She is an amazing source of information, and I’ve learned so much by taking her classes.With her help, I’ve made some changes in the way that my family and I eat, and it makes me feel good to know that I’m making more nutritious foods for the ones I love. I’m always excited to see what Andrea has in store for us next!”

Kate G.
Pediatric Dentist

You offer nutrition luxury education sanctuary growth breath focus and confidence in a ball jar!!!
In the spin classes I teach I try to remind my students of the airplane ride, “in case of emergency put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put on those you care for”
That’s what this cleanse felt like – thank you for giving us the tools to take care of ourselves !!!”
A lifer for sure!!!

Emily H.
Exercise Teacher & Drama Coach

“Andrea is brilliant in creating her colorful, tasty and nutrient filled recipes. Truly makes eating healthy a delight! She has been an integral part of my ‘healthy living’ team for a couple of years and always helps me reel in my over-indulgences with kindness, knowledge, and delicious food. From her Mommy’s lunch boxes, to raw food cleanses, to one on one consultations to healthy cooking classes, she is a gem to have as a resource to achieving healthy nutrition. Love you Ang!”

Joy B.

“Andrea’s Whole Food Cleanse was a series of beautiful and satisfying healthy foods. Everything was so well organized, and it was such a treat to have all my meals and snacks prepared for me and delivered to me. I felt nurtured on every level!”

Denine S.
Physical Therapist

“Andreas cooking classes are fabulous! She warmly welcomes you to her home and expertly creates healthy, delicious & easy to make dishes. I loved that she introduced healthy alternate choices to some of our favorite foods like almond milk and zucchini “noodles”. Andrea does not hide her passion for healthy living. She’s knowledgeable and talented and her energy is contagious!”

Kathy M.

“Throughout my life diet, health and nutrition were not things that I really ever thought about. Once my children were born however, I started to become very aware of what I was feeding them and very curious about how healthy or unhealthy the food choices I was making for them were. Since I had never focused on nutrition before, the idea of whole food, nutrient dense foods, and empty calories really started to overwhelm me. How was I going to get these little people who seem to only want to eat junk to instead eat foods that were good for them if I didn’t even know how to do that for myself? Luckily for me I found Andrea Tore and her cooking classes. I signed up for Andrea’s cooking classes thinking that maybe I would learn to cook a few healthy meals that I could force my family to choke down, but what I ended up getting was so much more, healthy alternatives, delicious meals, and a true understanding of nutrition.”

Jenna C.

“What can you say about a person who has a passion and loves what she does for others?? A caring, compassionate and talented individual!!! I met Andrea through a very good friend of ours back in September at a “dinner” party – Andrea opened her home to 10 of us and cooked what I called a magnificent organic meal!! From that point on I was hooked, thinking wow many people do this so why can’t I!! So since September I have been on a healthy cooking kick and use so many of Andrea’s recipes!!! You know what they say sharing is caring and boy does Andrea care!!

I also have had the utmost pleasure of enjoying two of her cleanses!! You all don’t know me so for me to do a cleanse is like a child going to the dentist for the first time!! Thinking to myself an overweight unhealthy person like me is going to starve – I so dreaded it but thought I signed up for this so let’s jump in with both feet!! Let me tell you – the first cleanse was a soup cleanse and I was not hungry or craving foods at all during those 3 days!! I enjoyed everything – from the smoothies to the snacks to the soups – everything!!! This cleanse brought me to a whole new level – knowing an overweight unhealthy person like me can really do this and knowing what my body craves and what is not good for it!! And this is what Andrea strives!! She helps you find that happiness about yourself!! She is a wonderful cook – an awesome health consultant and most of all a person with passion and love in what she does!!”

I highly recommend Andrea in your life!!

Sue J.
Activities Director

“Dear Andrea,
I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your business…….

The 3day cleanse you offer is a great opportunity for anyone to “reset” their dietary choices. It is a wonderful and delicious way to nurture your self and to practice mindful eating…….quite necessary in our fast paced lives…..and the energy, mental clarity and feeling of well-being are the ongoing “side effects” that continue long after 3 days are past. Thank you!!”

Bernadette S.